The Course

This course serves an introduction to the study of American Foreign Policy (AFP). It examines the causes--and, to a lesser extent, the consequences--of the US’s ever-shifting relationship with the world. It considers military/security policy, economic policy (such as trade and financial policy), and the interaction between the two.

The course begins by introducing students to several of the major approaches scholars use to explain AFP. It then traces the fascinating evolution of AFP over the last two centuries. Throughout, students will be encouraged to put this “history” into conversation with the “theory” developed in the first unit. The history will be used to “test” the theories; and the theories will be used to help explain the (often puzzling!) history.

This analysis will provide a rich perspective with which we will analyze contemporary AFP. Throughout the course, we will actively explore the parallels between the history of AFP and the great questions of our own time. In Unit 4, we will use these perspectives to critically examine the greatest (likely) challenges to AFP in the future. In Unit 5, students will have an opportunity to test their ideas in practice as a part of a simulation.

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The policies for this course are available on this website; and this site contains all of the most recent information about this course. Students are required to read through the site upon enrolling in the course to ensure they are familiar with the course policies, assignments, and goals.

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The Instructor

You can find further information about me, James Ashley Morrison, via my website.