Research Group on “History and Theory in IR”

Tarak Barkawi, George Lawson, and I have created a new working group on ‘History and Theory in International Relations’. This group is run under the auspices of LSE’s Centre for International Studies. Last June, we organised a stimulating seminar with scholars from nearly a dozen institutions and across five disciplines. A summary report on the workshop is available here.

This year, we have organised a series of speakers and seminars. This will begin with a discussion led by Robert Keohane, Iver Neuman, and me this October. Next June, we will host a ‘training workshop’ for PhD students interested in thinking more self-consciously about history in their IR scholarship. In the first instance, we will invite students from the UK. In the future, we hope to support students coming from all over the world.

Please contact me if you would like to get involved with this initiative. Further details are available here.

Political Economy Speaker Series

Julia Gray and I convene the IPE speaker series for the International Relations Department. By joining with a colleague in Government and another at Oxford, we have expanded this series to include more speakers coming from greater distances. This year (2015-16), we will host a sizeable list of prominent speakers. Please watch the department’s events page for announcements.