All assignments are due at the time stated in each assignment. Students should submit their work by the stated time. However, they will be given a thirty minute “grace period” after the stated deadline before the assignment is marked as “late”. All timings are calculated automatically by the online submission system.

Generally speaking, 4% will be deducted for each day the essay is late, beginning the moment after the essay deadline. The following is the penalty schedule:

Amount Tardy

Penalty Assessed

31 Minutes – 24 Hours


24 – 48 Hours


48 – 72 Hours


72 – 96 Hours


96 – 120 Hours


120 – 144 Hours


For essays more than 144 hours late, students should consult with me about the penalties to be applied.

Submit the Correct Version
Students are responsible for ensuring that they submit the correct version of their essays. If a student realizes that he or she mistakenly submitted the wrong version of an essay, they are welcome to submit the correct version upon realizing this. The timestamp of the latest essay, however, will be the official timestamp; and if this second version is submitted after the deadline, then it will be penalized according to its level of tardiness.

Filing for Late Submission
Students who wish to submit a late paper must email me by the stated deadline. They should state when they expect to complete the essay. Once the essay is completed, the student should notify me of this by email. At this point, I will create a copy on my end to be graded and will assess the relevant penalty.

Strict Enforcement
Do not trust contrary norms or experience. In my classes, I will rigorously (but not arbitrarily) enforce these deadlines. I am fully committed to maximizing fairness and predictability. Rigorous enforcement of this policy is indispensable toward that end.

Wonder why I’m so unusually strict about these things? I explain my rationale