Please follow these steps in the production of your essay.

(1) Prepare your Essay

Please prepare your essays using the following formatting conventions:
  • Use 12pt Times New Roman Font
  • Include page numbers
  • Name your file according to the rubric specified in the assignment itself

Please also Include a title page with the following:
  • Essay title
  • Your name
  • Your ID number
  • Date the essay is due
  • Question/Prompt Number
  • Word count of your essay
  • Total words allowed

I have created a
Word file, which you may use as a template for your essay.

(2) Draft your Essay

You may draft your essay right over the template, which is now a newly saved file (with a name that follows the rubric specified by the assignment).

You should draft your essay in whatever manner is most convenient for you. You are free to work offline using another text editor, but I urge you to seriously consider using Google Docs principally because it provides continuous backup and versioning. This can prove invaluable.

However, many students appear to be more comfortable crafting their essays in Word. That is fine.

(3) Cite your Sources

In academic prose, it is imperative that you give proper attribution to your sources. This not only gives due credit to the labors of others, but it also allows the reader to situate your argument in an ongoing academic discussion.

I thus require that you both cite your sources (using endnotes)
and list them at the end of the essay in a bibliography. You are welcome to use whichever major system of citation (Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, &c) with which you are most familiar; but you must use it properly and consistently.

Your endnote citations should almost always come at the end of sentences or paragraphs. Occasionally, they may be inserted after a comma or a semicolon (but this is rare). Remember that endnotes always follow the punctuation marks. Like this,1 and this;2 and this.3

When citing lectures, students are reminded to include the date of the lecture/discussion and, if possible, the slide number as well.

Failure to cite your sources constitutes plagiarism, the repercussions of which are severe.

However you compose your essay, you
must remember to cite your sources appropriately.

(4) Convert to Doc

Please ensure that you have used endnotes rather than footnotes.

However you create your essays, please convert them to a Word Doc prior to submission.

(5) Submit your Essay Online

Please submit your essays via the Moodle (or Blackboard) online essay submission system.